Claim Free Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron and More

 Allcoins Faucet:

Earn crypto coins and tokens by making faucet claims, completing offers, playing games, and CPU/GPU mining. 

Allcoins has two types of faucets from which you can to choose.

  • Classic Faucet: solve a captcha every 5-6 minutes, at the time of this posting.
  • Auto Faucet: select a coin or token and leave browser window open and collect automatically every 5-6 minutes as long as the window is open and claims are available. 2 free claims for the auto faucet are given each day for logging into the site. More claims can be earned by completing short links.
Complete surveys and download sponsored apps to earn rewards in bitcoin satoshi.

Plays games on the site to earn bitcoin satoshi.

Mine bitcoin satoshi using a web based miner or by downloading software compatible with CPU or GPU.

Allcoins has a Chat window available to ask questions, interact with other members, and play live trivia (answering triva questions correctly earns extra bitcoin rewards).

Watch the video overview:

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